Nucleus’ Board Code of Conduct Policy Statement

The Code of Conduct is a succinct statement of essential principles intended to govern the conduct of the Board


Purpose of the Code of Conduct Policy 

Board members are expected to comply with the prescribed Code of Conduct that encourages the development of a spirit of collective decision-making, shared objectives and shared ownership of and respect for Board decisions.



Board members will at all times conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • Supports the objective of the Corporation
  • Serves the overall best interests of the Corporation rather than any particular constituency
  • Brings credibility and good will to the corporation
  • Respects principles of fair play and due process
  • Demonstrates respect for individuals in all manifestations of their cultural and linguistic diversity and life circumstances
  • Respects and gives fair consideration to diverse and opposing viewpoints
  • Demonstrates due diligence and dedication in preparation for and attendance at meetings, special events and in all other activities on behalf of the Corporation
  • Demonstrates good faith, prudent judgement, honesty, transparency and openness in their activities on behalf of the Corporation
  • Ensures that the financial affairs of the Corporation are conducted in a responsible and transparent manner with due regard for their fiduciary responsibilities and public trusteeship
  • Avoids real or perceived conflicts of interest
  • Conforms with the By-Law and policies approved by the Board, in particular this policy and the Code of Conduct, the Declaration of Governing Principle, Confidentiality and Security of Personal Information and Conflict of Interest policies
  • Publicly demonstrates acceptance, respect and support for decisions legitimately taken in transaction of the Corporation’s business.


Reviewed January 2019

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